The Challenge:

It’s the biggest purchase your organization has ever attempted, both in terms of dollars on the table and in terms of the complexity of the project. You have to figure out how to balance and coordinate the needs, wants, and preferences of a seemingly endless list of decision makers. While you try to focus on total cost of ownership (TCO), other functional groups only ask, “What’s the purchase price variance? You’ve never sourced this category and you have no idea where to start analyzing, much less mitigating, risk. Is it any wonder that you fear you will leave more value on the table than you will be able to capture?

What Is Maximizing Deal Value?

The Mpower Group deploys the people and process necessary to extract maximum value from the sourcing effort. Our system incorporates a unique set of tools, templates, and processes, that insure your will Maximize Deal Value. Our approach begins with establishing the true bottom-line goals for the transaction based on your organizations Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) – not just price. We will help you identify and align all decision makers, including suppliers and internal stakeholders at all levels. We stay with you through the negotiations and, recognizing that value is only realized when the supplier delivers, we will help you plan for and manage implementation of your sourcing decisions. Most importantly, our approach emphasizes our role as a “Guide by your side” throughout the process so that your people not only achieve a highly successful outcome; they learn the process by doing the process with expert guidance.