Hope you and your family are staying safe.  Just like you, we are adjusting our business model  and are in our own recovery mode.  As part of that, we recently conducted some Virtual Instructor Led Training (VILT) for a client and are now offering it to a broader audience.  It’s the same exact training (actually, it’s even better), with the same faculty that has consistently received great feedback (9.3 out of 10) from the thousands of our alumnus spread across the globe (many now CPOs and CSO’s amongst them).

We’ve made it even better by refreshing the content to make it current (focusing on COVID-19), made it convenient by breaking it up and delivering it to the desktop (or the sofa), added adoption exercises between sessions and networking and the best part is that  it Costs you Nothing.

How it Works:  Sign up some of your people for our upcoming Four (4) workshop series being launched in June.  It’s 90 – 120 minutes a week for each workshop over four weeks.  Below is a brief synopsis of the curriculum and we’ve made it so that it is relevant for all middle to senior  level people.  We hope you may find it interesting to attend as well.

I urge you to take a quick look below then let’s set up a quick call to follow up.  What have you got to lose😊?

Session 1:  The Why  COVID -19:  Impact to Category Management and Supply Chains

  • COVID 19 was Predictable & Inevitable
    • Move from Analysis to ACTION
    • Your Objective – Reduce Response Lead Time (RLT)
  1. Session 2: The What  Changes Needed to Develop Permanent Organizational Competency
    • Talent
    • Supplier Relationship Management Optimization
    • Stakeholder Engagement based on THEIR Value Drivers
  • Session 3: The What  Changes Needed to Develop Permanent Organizational Competency
    • Risk Management
    • Post COVID Category Management Strategies
    • Processes
  1. Session 4: The How to Move Forward
    • Challenges, opportunities and impact to RLT
    • New Metrics to Measure RLT (your company’s & supplier’s RLT)
    • Launch / Execution / Adoption

All we’re asking from you is to have a couple of appropriate people register (link).  If you have enough people, we can customize a program for you.  We do ask that the participants who sign up do commit to attend ALL four workshops to maintain the collegial atmosphere that will be created and for the collaborative assignments.