Accelerating Strategic Transformation

Now more than ever companies are realizing that there is substantial value to be derived from shared service functions. To provide Exceptional Business Results, these functions must reorient away from cost savings and focus on building value as defined by their “customer” in areas such as risk mitigation, increased sales, product innovation, and shorter cycle times. Companies that do not strategically manage their shared service functions risk long term value destruction in the pursuit of short term gains. . Any executive will tell you that a greater issue than cost savings is risk mitigation; Fortune-500 companies are constantly making headline because of failure to manage the risks inherent in complex, global shared service functions.

The Challenge:

In order to transform your Shared Service organization from average to World-Class performance levels, you have to clearly define where you are and where you need to go. And, even when the road map is clear and the infrastructure in place, progress can be painfully slow because of organizational barriers. Shared Service transformations require an extensive toolkit, robust processes, and new ways of thinking about and doing work. It’s no wonder that only 30% of transformations are successful the first time!

The Solution:

The Mpower Group’s Accelerating Strategic Transformation service is a powerful collection of processes, tools and methodologies designed to help your Shared Service organization deliver value – NOW. The goal is to ensure that your people deliver the game-changing value executives expect from your Shared Service functions. We deliver:

Organizational Diagnostics: Our Shared Service Maturity Model is the basis for creating a roadmap to follow on the way to Exceptional Business Results. We conduct an unbiased evaluation of your current capabilities, potential value creation and cost-savings opportunities. This evaluation reveals precisely where you are today along the Maturity Model and a roadmap to close the gaps in performance revealed by our diagnostics.

Infrastructure Design: Effective and efficient processes, tools, and templates adapted to match your organizational environment and drive positive change. The result is a common language and process utilized by all the professionals in your organization; it ensures that they are NOT reinventing the wheel for every new project.

Strategic Enablers: Rapid launch tools (governance models, risk management processes, and decision making structures) and alignment of Key stakeholders to accelerate transformation efforts by addressing key internal issues up front, thereby enabling your employees do what they do best.

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