Next Practices Xchange

What are the Benefits to a NPX Membership:

NPX is a collaborative, “members-only” group comprised of senior executives from Fortune 500 organizations. The group is a peer-to-peer organization that meets semi-annually share ideas in a forum setting. Each member brings expertise and varied talents to the group which allows all members to benefit from participation. NPX addresses major Global Sourcing and Supply Chain challenges such as:

      • · Building World-Class Sourcing and Supply Chain Organizations
      • · Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) and Governance
      • · Low Cost Country Sourcing
      • · Integration of Technology into Supply Chain processes
      • ·Integration of Six Sigma and Strategic Sourcing
      • · Managing IT Outsourcing Arrangements


NPX is Constructed By You, For You

It is a member driven organization; Feedback is solicited from the members at each meeting and they make the appropriate changes. The Mpower Group (TMG) facilitates each meeting.

Meetings are Scheduled Around Your Calendar

Meetings are held twice a year. Agendas are developed around a single theme and chosen by the members.

The Information is at Your Fingertips

A members-only benchmarking diagnostic is conducted for each meetings particular theme. Diagnostic results are discussed at the meeting and the results, individual and aggregated are sent after the meeting. All meeting information, be it agendas, presentations, or diagnostic results, are published-to and downloadable-from a secured website.

No Sales Pitches

There are no sales pitches. Presenters and presentations are solely for the betterment of members.

You Learn from the Best, Because You Are the Best

All members bring expertise and varied talents to the group and as such all participants benefit from involvement with the group. The members have decided an external speaker will present at each meeting, based on the theme for the meeting.

Unparalleled Networking Opportunities

Ample time is devoted to discussion and networking. You will be able to network, Xchange Best Practices, and discuss issues with other members from organizations such as McDonald’s, FMC Technologies, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Caterpillar, and more.